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Rex Minerals Must Release Secret Uranium Documents

13/10/2014 11:00 am

Rex Minerals must immediately release secret documents about uranium deposits at their Hillside Mine Project near Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula, says Greens SA Parliamentary leader, Mark Parnell MLC.

Back in February 2014, Rex Minerals released its “Mining Lease Proposal Response Document”, but withheld six of the 29 appendices due to ‘commercial in confidence’ reasons. At least two of these six appendices include findings about the location and concentration of uranium in the ore body at Hillside.

  • ·         Appendix 36 Hillside Production Schedule; and
  • ·         Appendix 37 Uranium in Block Model 80ppm and 200ppm.

As recently as July 16 this year, the Government has gone along with Rex’s claim that these documents are commercially confidential because they contain information “that Rex has not yet reported to the ASX”. 

“Now that Rex has signed off on the Government’s mining lease conditions and notified the Stock Exchange (on 16 September), there is no case for further secrecy. The mine has been approved and Rex has exclusive rights, so all the secret Appendices should now be released.”

“Local landholders have long expressed concern about the potential health impacts of radioactive dust escaping from the mine. They know there are radioactive hot spots in the area and the location of these should be disclosed.”

“Rex Minerals’ reluctance to come clean with the Yorke Peninsula community is fuelling suspicion and concern. What is the company hiding?”

“Given Rex Minerals’ reluctance to present all available information to the community, I have also requested these documents from the Government under Freedom of Information laws, but the community deserve answers sooner.”

“The Greens are calling on the Rex and the Government to release the secret appendices, so that the public can be properly informed,” said Mr Parnell.

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