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Greens Welcome Government Backdown on Uber

12/12/2014 12:00 pm

Greens SA Transport Spokesperson and Parliamentary Leader Mark Parnell MLC today welcomed the announcement that the State Government has chosen to work with global transport service “Uber”, rather than resisting what is a clear consumer preference for smarter transport options.

“I congratulate Transport Minister Mullighan for choosing to bring Uber into the tent, rather than trying to resist the tide of consumer preference. His attitude is in stark contrast to former acting Transport Minister, Tom Koutsantonis, who only 4 months ago was railing against the service and threatening small-business drivers with prosecution.

“Whilst we understand that traditional taxi operators are nervous of new players, they will still have a monopoly on working taxi ranks and accepting hailed bookings off the street. For customers who want to book using their smartphone and who want the confidence of knowing exactly when their car will arrive and who is driving, Uber will no doubt be an attractive option. The ability of passengers and drivers to rate each other is an added level of quality control.

“Back in October, the Greens convened a briefing on Uber in State Parliament that was attended by MPs from all parties. It was clear at that time that significant changes in the way we manage transport services were just around the corner. We congratulate Minister Mullighan and Uber for reaching an agreement that will provide greater transport options for the people of Adelaide,” concluded Mark Parnell.

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