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SA Now Only State Without A Cycling Strategy

20/01/2015 5:00 am

The last official Cycling Strategy for SA expired in 2010, making SA the only State NOT to have a roadmap for promoting and increasing cycling, according to SA Greens Parliamentary Leader Mark Parnell MLC.

“How embarrassing! Our State is hosting the nation’s greatest cycling race, yet the Government has no cycling strategy, no serious commitment to funding cycling infrastructure and cyclist fatalities are going up.

“With the world’s best cyclists here for the Tour Down Under and the eyes of the cycling world on South Australia, it is seriously embarrassing that the South Australian Government has abandoned its own community by failing to plan for cycling or to fund critical cycling infrastructure.

“The Government loves to bask in the glow of the Tour Down Under, whilst ignoring local cyclists for the other 51 weeks of the year.

“After more than a decade of lacklustre performance on cycling issues by this Government, South Australia is falling behind. We spent less than $3 per person per year, less than any other mainland State and close to half the national average, according to latest Australian Bicycle Council figures. Meanwhile massive road projects are costing billions.

“Surely the Government can’t let another year go by without re-establishing a Cycling Strategy for SA? When it does, it will give SA the opportunity to be the national leader in terms of vision and commitment for a form of transport that is clean, cheap and healthy.

“A Cycling Strategy for SA needs the following:

  • Significant funding – at least 1% of the transport budget. After all, cycling already comprises 2% of all trips.
  • Outcome-based targets – more people taking more cycling trips more often.
  • Detailed timeframes – otherwise it won’t happen.
  • Integration with the entire transport network, including public transport – they have bike racks on buses in the ACT.
  • Respectful consultation with cyclists at every stage of the planning process.
  • Legislative support – such as minimum overtaking distance laws as per Qld."

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