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Greens Call for “Calm” in Rundle Street

10/03/2015 9:00 am

The Government’s plan to return Rundle Road to Parklands as part of the O-Bahn upgrade project provides a great opportunity to turn Rundle Street into a pedestrian and business-friendly ‘shared use’ space, says Greens SA Parliamentary Leader, Mark Parnell MLC.

“With Rundle Road closed, Rundle Street will become less desirable for through traffic. The creation of a Shared Zone for cars, pedestrians and cyclists would address the problem of overcrowded footpaths and alfresco dining areas by expanding the space available and making it more attractive for both diners and pedestrians.

“Expanding the areas designated for alfresco dining and providing more pedestrian space will add value to the Government’s current proposals for the East End.”

“With more events in the East End and Parklands, it makes sense for Rundle Street to capitalise on this by transforming into a space that is welcoming and vibrant at all times of the day and night.”

Some of the Greens’ ideas for calming Rundle Street include:

  • Reclassifying Rundle Street as a “Shared Zone” with slower speeds and equal priority for pedestrians, cars and bikes.
  • Resurfacing the width of the street at a single level from shopfront to shopfront.
  • Making Rundle Street one-way for cars. This will enable continued access to the existing multi-level car parks.
  • Enabling alfresco dining areas to be located directly adjacent to the business frontage to reduce conflict with pedestrian traffic.

The result would be:

  • Increased status for Rundle St as one of Adelaide’s premier dining precincts.
  • Improved exposure for businesses.
  • Reduced impact of traffic noise and pollution on outdoor dining areas.
  • Easier and safer access for pedestrians & cyclists.
  • Slower traffic flow.

The Greens are calling on the Adelaide City Council and the State Government to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the O-Bahn upgrade project to also work together on upgrading the East End.

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