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Adelaide Casino expansion infringes key planning rules

22/01/2016 12:00 pm

The approval today of the Adelaide Casino expansion is immune from legal challenge despite expert advice that it infringes key planning rules.

“This decision shows how far the planning pendulum has swung towards private rights over public spaces”, according to Greens’ leader and environmental lawyer, Mark Parnell MLC.

The Greens agree that the Riverbank precinct will benefit from a comprehensive make-over, but insist that the public interest must take priority over casino profits. 

“It’s not right that such important decisions to privatise and develop the parklands can be made with no consultation and no right of appeal.  This development was NOT advertised for public comment and the public was NOT entitled to make submissions.  Now that the decision has been made, the public have no right to challenge it.”

“The casino doesn’t own the parklands.  The parklands are for all South Australians.  That means that the public should have the right to comment on proposals and review decisions if necessary. 

“Today’s approval flies in the face of “principles of development control” which say that development adjacent to important State heritage buildings should match the height and scale of those buildings so as to not overwhelm them. 
In fact, the Government’s own heritage experts have advised that the height and bulk of the proposed 11 storey tower will have an adverse impact on both the Festival Centre and the Railway Station, both of which are subject to the highest level of State heritage protection.

“If appeals were allowed, heritage advocates would have a very good chance of forcing the casino to modify its plans to a more appropriate scale.

“When Parliament resumes next month, the Greens will move amendments to the new Planning legislation to redress the balance between the rights of developers and the rights of the public over important development decisions.

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