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Time to pull the plug

08/11/2016 9:00 am

-Now that the dust has settled on the Nuclear “Citizens’ Jury” verdict on the weekend against a high level nuclear waste dump for SA, the Greens say it’s time for the Government to pull the plug on this ill-conceived project.


"For months, the Government has heralded the importance of social consent.  The Citizens’ Jury was a key plank in testing for that consent and now it has delivered its verdict.  What the jury said was that they didn’t trust the Government and they didn’t trust the dodgy 'business case' that suggested South Australia could become rich on the back of a nuclear waste dump. In short, they just didn’t believe the spin and the hype," said Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the Greens SA.


"Shortly, the Government will reveal the 'results' of its own consultation, including a travelling nuclear roadshow that sought to engage the South Australian community. However, unlike the Citizens’ Jury, the Government's efforts at consultation didn’t include any critical voices, only the biased recommendations of the Nuclear Royal Commission. 

"In contrast, the 350 Citizens’ Jury members were made aware that the nuclear dump 'business case' was written by paid nuclear lobbyists who had been trying to get a nuclear waste dump established in Australia for decades.  Not surprisingly, these facts were missing from the Government’s propaganda.  With the absence of any information to balance the Government’s nuclear dump plans, it’s hard to see how the Government’s consultation process adds much value to the exercise.
"So, with at least $10m wasted on this process so far, it’s now time for the Government to say 'enough is enough' and pull the plug on this expensive folly," concluded Mark Parnell.


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