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Nuclear Dump referendum? Throwing good money after bad!

14/11/2016 11:00 am

“The remarkable announcement by the Premier today that he will push on with his Government’s plans to turn South Australia into the world’s nuclear waste dump defies belief and shows a Government completely out of touch with the public,” said Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the Greens SA.

“What the experience of the last few months shows is that if you give citizens more facts and allow them access to all sides of the debate - they vote no.  That’s what the Citizens’ Jury delivered.

“With almost every other political party in State Parliament declaring they are opposed to a nuclear waste dump, it is hard to see how the necessary legislation for a referendum would get through both houses of Parliament.

“A statewide referendum would be throwing good money after bad.  The Government has already wasted more than $10 million on this project and a referendum would cost tens of millions more.

“If the Premier wants this to be an issue for all South Australians, then he should go to the March 2018 State election with a nuclear waste dump as part of Labor’s platform.  That would test public opinion.

“From Day One, the Greens have said that this project is ill-conceived, economically reckless and poses enormous reputational damage for our State.  It’s dead in the water and no amount of wishful thinking will bring it back to life,” concluded Mark Parnell.

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