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Greens National Conference rejects nuclear dump

28/11/2016 6:00 am

The National Conference of the Australian Greens has called on both South Australian and Federal Governments to halt any further moves towards establishing an international high level nuclear waste dump in South Australia.

The nuclear dump motion was put on the agenda of the Greens National Conference (held over the weekend in Perth) by Mark Parnell MLC, Parliamentary Leader of the Greens SA, and passed unanimously.

“In the South Australian Parliament and in the community, the Greens have consistently opposed the ill-conceived proposal for a high-level nuclear waste dump being established in SA,’’ said Mr Parnell.

“Taking the worst of other countries’ nuclear waste and storing it forever in South Australia just doesn’t stack up on economic grounds, and lacks the necessary social consent.

“The South Australian Government’s recent Citizens’ Jury verdict, indicating over two-thirds did not wish to pursue the ‘opportunity’ under any circumstances, should have spelled the end of Premier Weatherill’s nuclear waste ambitions - and yet he is still entertaining the idea of sending us to a referendum on this issue. A better course for the Premier to adopt would be to abandon the idea altogether and move towards establishing long term sustainable industries that South Australians can be proud of,” concluded Mark Parnell.

The successful motion reads:

1. The National Conference of the Australian Greens rejects the proposition that South Australia should host a commercial high-level nuclear waste dump for overseas spent nuclear fuel or other nuclear waste.

2. We call on the South Australian Government to abandon this ill-conceived project which could cause irreparable harm to the State’s economy, reputation, environment and public safety.

3. We call on the Federal Government to use its powers to reject this proposal by providing early advice to South Australia that Federal approvals will not be granted.

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