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Greens Announce Davenport Candidate

24/09/2014 8:30 am

The SA Greens today are pleased to confirm that Jody Moate has been preselected to represent the party in the seat of Davenport in the upcoming by-election.

Greens State Parliamentary Leader Mark Parnell MLC said “We wish to congratulate Jody Moate on her preselection.  Jody is an outstanding candidate who will bring both passion and pragmatism to the Parliament.  She will be an excellent representative for the people of Davenport and we look forward to working with Jody should she be elected to the SA Parliament.”

”I have been involved in a number of campaigns in state and federal elections, but when the opportunity came up for the by-election I put my hand up straight away” Jody Moate said.

“Spending time in the area and talking to local residents has given me a good appreciation of the most important local issues.

 “We need to prioritise reliable, safe and convenient public transport that allows people to get where they want to go quickly.

“More than one in three households in Davenport have solar panels or solar hot water. This shows that people are recognising the economics of moving toward renewable energy as a way to keep electricity bills down and to act on climate change. SA is leading the way but I think we can do even better by investing in large scale projects,” she said.

Jody and her husband Simon have two children.

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