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PRIVATE MEMBERS BILL: Marble Hill (Protection) Bill

July 23rd, 2008

On the 23rd of July, Mark supported the Hon. Michelle Lensink's Marble Hill (Protection) Bill.

The Hon. M. PARNELL: I, too, support this bill but I do so with the full knowledge that it is a sub-optimal outcome. The difficult decision, I guess, that has to be made is whether or not hanging onto Marble Hill in public hands for another 55 or so years might yet result in a publicly funded and publicly owned restoration project coming to the fore. That has not happened, and the government has gone down the path that it has. I think the real tragedy with the arrangement that the government has entered into with those who will be the new owners is that there will be no role for the community. The Hon. Sandra Kanck has paid tribute to Ernie McKenna, president of the Friends of Marble Hill and I echo that sentiment to Ernie and all his fellow hard-working volunteers on behalf of the Greens.

The reason I am supporting this legislation is that it does make some improvement on the arrangements for public access that had been proposed by the government. It is still only 10 times a year, but that is better than three or four times a year, and I commend the Hon. Michelle Lensink for putting forward this improvement. However, I support the bill with some reluctance because I would like to think that, as a society, we could have kept our heritage in public hands, and allowed groups like the Friends to continue their good work.

I know from correspondence I have received from the Friends that they have given up, partly because when the new owners go in there will be public liability insurance issues. Currently they are covered by a government policy, but they will not be after this deal goes through. I understand the group is currently looking at being wound up, and I think that is a tragedy for South Australia—that a group of volunteers, who have given their own time for many years to look after our collective heritage, now find that they have no more work to do. That is sad. With those brief remarks, I indicate that the Greens will support the bill.

The council divided on the third reading:

AYES (10)
Dawkins, J.S.L. (Liberal)
Hood, D.G.E. (Family First)
Kanck, S.M. (Democrats)
Lawson, R.D. (Liberal)
Lensink, J.M.A. (Liberal)
Lucas, R.I. (Liberal)
Parnell, M. (Greens)
Ridgway, D.W. (Liberal)
Schaefer, C.V. (Liberal)
Stephens, T.J. (Liberal)

NOES (8)
Bressington, A. (No Pokies Independent)
Darley, J.A. (No Pokies Independent)
Finnigan, B.V. (Labor)
Gago, G.E. (Labor)
Gazzola, J.M. (Labor)
Holloway, P. (Labor)
Hunter, I.K. (Labor)
Zollo, C. (Labor)

Wade, S.G. (Liberal)
Wortley, R.P. (Labor)

Majority of 2 for the ayes.

Bill thus read a third time. Bill passed.

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