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GOVERNMENT BILL: Drug offences 08/11/2018
QUESTION: Environment Protection Agency's misleading advertisement in relation to widening of Outer Harbor 07/11/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Role of planning to address Climate Change 07/11/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: 10 year moratorium on fracking passes Parliament 25/10/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: National gas capacity trading and auctions 25/10/2018
QUESTION: Smith Bay deep water port 25/10/2018
QUESTION: Disability mobility vehicles 24/10/2018
GREENS BILL: Mandatory gas connection not acceptable 24/10/2018
QUESTION: Government reports required under Adelaide Park Lands Act 18/10/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: Use of lethal force by police during terrorism incidents 18/10/2018
GREENS BILL: Freedom of Information Bill passed in Upper House 18/10/2018
GREENS MOTION: Climate Change 17/10/2018
QUESTION: Minister declines access to reports in relation to deregulation of new GM techniques 16/10/2018
QUESTION: Minister gives approval for new genetic modification techniques 20/09/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Adelaide Park Lands 19/09/2018
QUESTION: Drinking water quality 19/09/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: Safeguarding South Australians from elder abuse 19/09/2018
QUESTION: Deregulation of new genetic modification techniques 18/09/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse 18/09/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: Infrastructure SA 06/09/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: Public Interest Disclosure 06/09/2018
QUESTION: Electric Vehicles 05/09/2018
QUESTION: Arsenic contamination on railway corridors 05/09/2018
QUESTION: Health of gas industry workers 04/09/2018
QUESTION: Renewable Energy 02/08/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Reeves Plains Power Station 01/08/2018
QUESTION: Water pricing inquiry 01/08/2018
GREENS BILL: Liberals and Labor oppose Bill to stop automatic pay rise for MPs 01/08/2018
QUESTION: Air pollution from fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel power plants 01/08/2018
QUESTION: Shacks on Crown Land 31/07/2018
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