Mark in Parliament...
QUESTION: State Records of South Australia 05/07/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: MP's disrespectful behaviour - why Parliament should become White Ribbon workplace accredited 04/07/2018
GREENS MOTION: Great Australian Bight 04/07/2018
GREENS MOTION: Free public transport for Seniors 04/07/2018
MOTION: Palliative Care 04/07/2018
QUESTION: Simplify Bills 03/07/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: Dishonest Communication with Children 03/07/2018
QUESTION: Mount Gambier roundhouse 20/06/2018
GREENS BILL: Stop automatic pay rise for MPs 20/06/2018
QUESTION: Domestic violence leave 07/06/2018
QUESTION: Murray-Darling Basin Plan 07/06/2018
GREENS BILL: Moratorium on Fracking in the South-East 06/06/2018
GREENS BILL: Ban Underground Coal Gasification in SA 06/06/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Community Engagement Charter 06/06/2018
QUESTION: Sale of publicly owned coastal land on KI 06/06/2018
QUESTION: OTR ban on re-usable coffee cups 05/06/2018
QUESTION: Development in National Parks 30/05/2018
QUESTION: Elder Abuse 29/05/2018
QUESTION: Vacant residential property tax 17/05/2018
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Fossil Fuel Extraction Projects in SA 16/05/2018
QUESTION: Nuclear waste dump's impact on tourism in SA 15/05/2018
QUESTION: Rezoning of the Repat Hospital site 15/05/2018
QUESTION: Security of online payments on government websites 10/05/2018
QUESTION: Investment in Solar Energy 09/05/2018
GREENS BILL: Freedom of Information law reform 09/05/2018
GOVERNMENT BILL: One-Vote One Value - Greens amendment passes 30/11/2017
QUESTION: Marine Park Sanctuary Zones 30/11/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Youths Sentenced as Adults 29/11/2017
MATTERS OF INTEREST: White Ribbon Day 29/11/2017
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