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GREENS BILL: Protecting the steel industry through local procurement 22/06/2016
QUESTION: Local procurement of Australian steel 21/06/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Making the Legislative Council irrelevant 21/06/2016
QUESTION: LED Street Lighting 09/06/2016
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Greens' Plan - "Renew Australia - Powering The New Economy" 08/06/2016
GREENS MOTION: Protection of Native Vegetation 08/06/2016
QUESTION: Rooftop Solar Panels 26/05/2016
Parliamentary Committee into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission 24/05/2016
QUESTION: Native vegetation clearance for motor-racing drag strip 19/05/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Legal Services Commission (Miscellaneous) Amendment 19/05/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Housing Improvement 19/05/2016
MATTERS OF INTEREST: No Dump Alliance 18/05/2016
QUESTION: Ministerial approval for nuclear waste dump on Crown Land 17/05/2016
QUESTION: Nuclear Safety 14/04/2016
QUESTION: Martindale Hall 12/04/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) (Public Money) Amendment Bill 12/04/2016
QUESTION: 2016 Duck & Quail Hunting Season 24/03/2016
QUESTION TIME: Government Bill to repeal the nuke spruiking law is effective from yesterday 10/03/2016
QUESTION: Repeal of laws to prevent public money being used to encourage nuclear waste dump 08/03/2016
QUESTION: Intergenerational equity considerations in debate about a nuclear waste dump 24/02/2016
GREENS MOTION: Disallowance of Probate Fees 24/02/2016
Greens oppose Xenophon Team's move to disallow SA Cycling Regulations 24/02/2016
Pro-nuclear Lib/Lab & Family First parties prevent Greens nuclear vote 24/02/2016
QUESTION: Heritage Listing for Kidman land holdings 11/02/2016
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Fund Our Future Campaign 10/02/2016
QUESTION: SA Cycling Laws 09/02/2016
QUESTION: Nuclear Waste Dump vs Grain Production on the Eyre Peninsula 10/12/2015
GREENS MOTION: No Nuclear Waste Dump for SA 09/12/2015
GREENS MOTION: Support for Radio Adelaide 09/12/2015
GREENS MOTION: Solar Citizens 09/12/2015
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