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GREENS BILL: Domestic and Family Violence - Modernising Legal Defences 18/10/2017
QUESTION: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets for SA 29/09/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Criminal Organisations 29/09/2017
GREENS MOTION: Legislative Council votes on Le Cornu site motion 27/09/2017
GREENS BILL: Protecting Significant Trees 09/08/2017
GREENS BILL: State Planning Policy on Biodiversity 09/08/2017
GREENS MOTION: Recognising the State of Palestine 09/08/2017
QUESTION: Groundwater Contamination 08/08/2017
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Energy Security 02/08/2017
GREENS MATTER OF URGENCY MOTION: Murray-Darling Basin Plan 02/08/2017
QUESTION: Acquisition of former Le Cornu site for public use 06/07/2017
GREENS MOTION: Public use of former Le Cornu site 05/07/2017
PRIVATE MEMBERS BILL - Decriminalisation of Sex Work 05/07/2017
QUESTION: Public Transport Concessions 22/06/2017
GREENS BILL: Preventing further waste of taxpayer money on nukes 21/06/2017
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Significant Trees being felled at Glenside 21/06/2017
Environment, Resources and Development Committee: Biodiversity Inquiry 21/06/2017
QUESTION: Supporting families affected by bushfire to rebuild 20/06/2017
QUESTION: Population Growth 01/06/2017
GREENS BILL: Ending the $1 Passenger Transport Tax 31/05/2017
QUESTION: Inequity of Taxi Industry Assistance Package 31/05/2017
GREENS MOTION: Repower Port Augusta Passes Upper House 31/05/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Defunding of Community Legal Centres 30/05/2017
QUESTION: $1 Passenger Transport Tax 18/05/2017
QUESTION: Outsourcing of Legal Work 17/05/2017
GREENS BILL: Ending the $1 Passenger Transport Tax 17/05/2017
GREENS BILL: Solar Feed-In Pricing 17/05/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Sentencing 16/05/2017
QUESTION: Sturt Gorge Recreation Park 11/05/2017
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