Mark in Parliament...
QUESTION: Skilled Migrants 12/04/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Electricity Supply Emergencies 11/04/2017
QUESTION: Cycling Safety 30/03/2017
GREENS BILL: Industrial Hemp 29/03/2017
QUESTION: Lane filtering rules for cyclists 29/03/2017
GREENS MOTION: Legal Aid funding 29/03/2017
QUESTION: Eyre Peninsula groundwater - reporting obligations 28/03/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Simplify) Bill - Crown Land contribution 02/03/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Statutes Amendment and Repeal (Simplify) Bill - Parks review contribution 02/03/2017
QUESTION: Frome Street Bikeway 01/03/2017
MATTERS OF INTEREST: South-East Wastewater Disposal 01/03/2017
QUESTION: Oaklands Estate groundwater contamination 28/02/2017
QUESTION: Air Quality Standards 16/02/2017
GREENS MOTION: Protection of Significant Trees 15/02/2017
Amendment to the terms of reference: Select Committee on Statewide Electricity Blackout and Subsequent Power Outages 15/02/2017
GOVERNMENT BILL: Legislative Council Voting Reform 14/02/2017
MATTERS OF INTEREST: Youth Survey 2016 07/12/2016
QUESTION: Trihalomethanes in Adelaide's drinking water 06/12/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Planning, Development & Infrastructure 01/12/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Electoral Funding, Expenditure and Disclosure 01/12/2016
Greens' Inquiry Into fracking in SE recommends fracking should not proceed 30/11/2016
GREENS BILL: Ban Underground Coal Gasification in SA 30/11/2016
QUESTION: Martindale Hall 29/11/2016
QUESTION: Adelaide Parklands 17/11/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Police Complaints and Discipline Bill 17/11/2016
Vale Margaret Bolster 16/11/2016
MOTION: Adelaide Parklands 16/11/2016
QUESTION: Nuclear Royal Commission Conflict of Interest 03/11/2016
GOVERNMENT BILL: Summary Offences (Declared Public Precincts) Amendment Bill 03/11/2016
GREENS BILL: Steel Industry Protection Bill passes 2nd reading 02/11/2016
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